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Friday, November 2, 2007

Time to whine.

I think it is great that the online knitting world seems to be blog-centered. I love to read blogs. I feel a connection to those who expose their lives on their blogs. Seeing pictures is great. Being exposed to others creative output is inspiring.
However, it can be frustrating. My previous interests were always forum-centered. Being a member of an active forum is another great way to get to know people. And further more, it is a very easy way to ask questions and quickly get answers. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but I have yet to find a truly active forum for knitting. I am a member of get stitchy! forum and Knitting Forum. Whenever I ask questions or look for advice, at most I get one or two responses and they never tend to be what I am looking for.
And this is why I have decided to blog. So that I can have a place to ask questions and seek advice and hopefully get answers, ideas, and inspiration from a myriad of people with different points of view. I realize that it takes a long time to get viewers to come to your blog, never mind an actual following. But I have been trying to post comments on other people's blogs more often and such to try to get people to come out and read what I have to say.
Well, I will leave you with a picture of a bunch of baby socks and hats that I have made recently. My cousin is expecting triplets in December! Baby socks and hats are a great way to use up left over sock yarn!

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ellen said...

I wonered if you have checked out KnittingHelp.com? It has a lot of members, and I was always able to get help from the people there, particularly the Mods. It's a very friendly forum...and Ravelry is too. They are still getting their forum together, and I didn't check to see if you were a member yet--it's free, but you might have to wait if you haven't signed up yet. There are also Yahoo groups that are great, too. Hope you find what you're looking for.